RF Machine Skin Tightening Face Eye Massage


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RF Machine Skin Tightening Face Eye Massage


1. This microcurrent radio frequency beauty instrument can be used to tighten and lift facial skin, rejuvenate collagen, reduce fine lines, and resist skin aging, allowing you to enjoy SPA-level beauty care at home.

2. Three-color phototherapy for skin rejuvenation: blue light, green light, and red light, adapts to different skin needs, effectively improves skin texture, refines skin, enhances skin elasticity, and restores skin youth.

3. Used together with skin care products such as essences and creams, this beauty instrument can introduce nutrients through micro-current, promote skin absorption of nutrients, and make skincare better.

4. The bionic dolphin tail, three-dimensionally wrapped around and fits the curve, touches the skin deeply, leaving nowhere for fine lines to escape.

Packing List:

1*Neck beauty instrument (without battery)





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RF Machine Skin Tightening Face Eye Massage
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